In addition to being an actor, Nick is also an avid writer. Inspired by his lengthy travels and bizarre experiences his stories strive to highlight the adventure, fear, and honest spirit within all of us.

Headshot by Brian Hutchison

Headshot by Brian Hutchison

The plays listed here have all received readings and workshops both in tiny apartment kitchens as well as off-Broadway theaters. All of the works below are currently in development. Keep an eye out for updates on the news page.



Photo Credit Blake Little

Photo Credit Blake Little

Miriam in Honey

A man returns to his hometown for an unexpected funeral and is forced to make choices that have him paralyzed.


Three family members and a new in-law grapple with reality as well as each other during a dead man's birthday party.


As a winter storm darkens the city an apartment becomes haunted with memories coming from the shadows.




An exploration of anxiety, sexuality, and masculinity and what it means to have a penis as told by the men who own them.


The French Teeth

Summer of 2010, detailing a solo journey through Egypt to Mt. Olympus to the Pamplona encierro to Vatican City.




The Collection of Happy

The story of a boy who grew up a superhero who can't seem to save the person who needs it most: himself.